A Way To Become A Software Developer With Zero Knowledge, Effort Or Outgoings?  C’mon Guys, Pull The Other One…

So you want to make money online?  Perhaps you’ve already started your career (full or part time) as an Internet marketer?  Maybe you’ve even made a few dollars here and there?  But you’re income is nowhere near what these so-called gurus promise that it’s possible to make online.  And never has there been such a sell typical of this than The Simple Software System by Charles Kirkland.simple software system review Simple Software System Review   Is It Any Good?

Because, we kid you not, this guy is promising that you can emulate exactly what he’s done.  And that’s to become a software developer ‘without even knowing how the heck software works!’

We’re sorry, but you’ll excuse us if we raise a cynical eyebrow at this statement…  However, it does have to be said that Mr. Kirkland certainly does have a proven track record.  So we decided to give him the benefit of the doubt, and get down and dirty with exactly what The Simple Software System is really all about.

And what we discovered certainly makes for interesting reading…

What do you get for your money?

Okay, so what the Simple Software System is all about is all about selling solutions to other peoples’ problems.  And it’s not based on selling information, which is the current thought process of most Internet marketers (and selling information is hard, Hard, HARD!),  No, because selling software sells 6-11 times better than selling information.

  • The method in which to discover the problems people need solutions to:  Because if people are talking about what they need help with, then you can be damn sure you have a target market to sell to.
  • The way to create the solution to their problems:  With a simple piece of software that other people will create for you, and has zero manufacturing costs, zero marketing costs and that people will almost never return.
  • The perfect solution to tell your target market that you have the answer to their needs:  And once again, this will cost you nothing to do.  Yes really, zero… nada… zilch…
  • Have a product that you can sell over and over again – forever:  And not only that, Google loves sellers who market in this way, not to mention the fact that it builds massive lists (that are also extremely valuable in themselves)
  • Learn exactly where your marketplaces are: and that other people will do your selling for you….

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Who is it for?

We’ll forgive you for thinking that there’s no way you can honestly sell software with no knowledge of the subject.  After all, that’s exactly what we thought.  But on looking closely, nothing could be further from the truth.  So, if you want to make money online, have the ability to send an email and the ability to draw a simple diagram, then you too can make money using The Simple Software System.

Young or old, male or female, employed or unemployed – it makes no difference.  All you need is the fire in your belly to get out there and begin making money developing software.  And The Simple Software System will show you exactly how to do it, with no knowledge whatsoever!

Who is Charles Kirkland?

Charles is a regular guy – just like you and me.  He’s ridden that merry-go-round selling E-books and other malarkey online.  Read, re-read and believed the clever copywriters who create the adverts promoting the products we all believe really are the one that will see us ‘hit the big time.’  But it wasn’t until he discovered exactly how simple it was to become a software developer (with other people doing all the work) that he honestly did begin to see the bucks rolling in.

In fact, his partner in the same business has made so many millions of dollars that he decided to get out of the business and follow his dream to become a DJ, leaving Charles in the privileged position of racking up all of the profits…  In other words, Mr. Kirkland really is living the dream that we all want to emulate.

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The Pros

  • Selling software, and software that people are literally begging for, has up to an 11 times higher conversion rate than selling simple information.
  • Because other people create the software for you (yes, honestly), it means that your workload is far, far less than any other type of Internet marketing you might have done in the past.  And if you’re cynical about how this works, then once you realize that most programmers don’t write codes any more, they simply mash together codes that are already written, you can begin to see exactly how this works.
  • There are huge marketplaces out there where other people will actually sell your product for you, simply for a nominal commission.  This means they do the marketing work, and all you do is sit back and rake up the profits.
  • Google loves how this works, meaning your products are high in the search engines, meaning more sales.
  • Once created, you can sell your software product forever.

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The Cons

  • simple software system guarantee 300x150 Simple Software System Review   Is It Any Good?Well, we think that the biggest issue will be to get past the mindset that a person with no software knowledge can actually become a developer.  But once you realize that you’re not actually going to be developing the product yourself (another expert who you source and trust will do this for a very nominal fee), and you begin to see the results of your labors, then we think that this cynicism will fade and disappear altogether.

The Bottom Line

OMG!  Well we certainly didn’t expect to arrive at the conclusion that we have done, because not only do we like The Simple Software System, but we absolutely LOVE it.  What a clever, simple product that really does do what it says in the title.  And the market for software products that solve problems is only set to get bigger and bigger, as more people get into Internet Marketing.

And there are other ways to make money, using exactly the same method – and The Simple Software System will tell you exactly the way to do this.  In a nutshell, we absolutely love this product, and we think that Mr. Kirkland is going to have a whole host of happy punters.  Well done, Charles, we think you rock…!

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Simple Software System is coming..

by admin on May 19, 2013

If you have heard about this crazy program Simple Software System and want a review then you are in the right spot.3857845956 0d2ff2f1a9 m Simple Software System is coming..

Some may think it’s not legit, but I am here to spill the beans on the truth of the program.

I will provide you with the pros and cons of it so you can see if it is really right for you or not.

I mean can you really do this with no experience?

Come back and read my review before you decide to buy the program for yourself.

Talk soon….